The right profit

The Right Profit guarantees safety. Safety we can maintain thanks to our local office in China. Our office in China are experts on how to locating products or manufacturing in our own factories, all depending on what our customers wants. We check that all the requirements and certificates are followed, both on the product and the factory. The office in China has decades of experience and are specialized in production, sourcing, trading. What we can’t produce ourselves goes through our wide network and partners.

Our goals

Through constant monitoring, we see how the schedule is followed and prepared if something changes during the course of the process. We always work with agreements and constant feedback to customers. Today, we have customers around the world and we know how the process should continue. The right profit has as policy that you as a customer feel safe och secure in what you do. We handle your imports so you would focus on what you do best.

We are experts

To ensuring that the design, functionality and quality of a product matches your demands, expectations and basic vision is and will always be a major challenge, no matter where in the world the world's production is located. We ensure that everything goes according to the agreement by always following protocol. The Right Profit has years of experience. We will help you.


To create false certificates is easy today. A substance or regulation that doesn’t follow the laws or rules of the market creates major problems and could result in products that are non-sale able, or even penalties and fines. Through constantly monitoring and controlling every step, we ensure that the product and factories keeps all the regulations as promised.


Communication is very important but extremely difficult. Many factories do not even speak English. Beside the language barrier, the difference in culture and thinking often creates misunderstandings… which often leads to mistakes. Our office in China has great experience and knowledge in how to communicate with the factories to meet requirements, and avoid misunderstandings.


To ensure that the products is shipped in time is not only important for the schedule, but also for the overdue costs the delay will create for the company. A delay may be due to many different reasons, some of which can not be influenced at all, while some depend entirely on the level of knowledge of the importer. The right profit always works hard to prevent delays of all kind.


In a victim of a fraud-situation by fake order online it is hard to track and apply for the help of the Chinese government. It is often pointless. Better to prevent this kind of troubles from the beginning. Through years of experience and knowledge we have built up the necessary procedure and methods to prevent potential fraud.

Costs and fees

All our services and costs are included in the total price we present in the process. Each order is special and therefor also the price. No extra fees or costs are incurred afterwards, we always give our customer a good overview of the process and its cost. To get a more accurate price, please contact us and we will help you.